Which hairstyle do you like? (どの髪型がお好きですか?)

Hi, everyone!
What kind of hairstyle do you like?

I have made popularity poll of hairstyles.
(It’s men’s hair, because they are downloaded more,at my site.)
It’s easy to vote. Check the hairstyle that you like, and click the vote button.
Please feel free to join it!
(Actually, the vote is possible again and again… If you change your mind, vote after 1day.)
I think I will use result as reference from now on.

There is a explanation of each hairstyle in the bottom of this page.
An explanation page opens when you click each image.

The poll closing is May 31th!
投票期日 5月31日までです!

1st count due date 2014/05/31
第一回 集計予定日 2014/05/31

What’s that? (それってどんな髪型?)


Bob Sweptback Fauxhawk Long Shag Dreadlocks Ponytail Shoulder Spiky Quiff Nicolas