Bob with Straight Bangs

Please Do Not reupload,modify,reproduce.
Please Do Not include my creations in your uploads.
Please use it at your own risk.

***** Jan/21/2017 Update *****

Added Kids versions.
“For Children” and “For Toddlers” are available.



Download319124 downloads
For Teen/YA/Adult/Elder, All Genders


Download146413 downloads
For Children, All Genders


Download139021 downloads
For Toddlers, All Genders


  • Bob Hairstyle with Straight Bnags
  • For All Genders
  • Non‐Alpha Textures (no problem with shader issue using textures with alpha channel for hair)
  • Please put the main file into your Mods folder. Additional colors files are not working without the main file.
  • Feel free to recolor and retexture,
    but if you upload it to somewhere,please DO NOT include mesh data.
    Please link to my blog as a way to get mesh data.
  • There may be cases where the mesh data is updated for fixing issue.
  • Please make sure your game is updated to the latest version.
    If the game has not been updated,CC may not work.


Sims4 hair/ fron,side,back シムズ4 髪型 詳細

Female and Feminine Male

Sims4 hair/ fron,side,back シムズ4 髪型 詳細

Male and Masculine Female

For Children

For Toddlers

Sims4 hair/other colors and hat styles シムズ4 髪型 帽子スタイル

other colors and hat styles

Sims4 hair/In Game シムズ4 髪型 ゲーム内のスクリーンショット

in-game screenshots

Here’s some more images.(Tumblr Gallery)

*2016/06/27 性別カスタマイズの仕様追加に対応したので、全性別用になってます。