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I am Kijiko, a lover of cats and The Sims. I’m making custom content for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4.
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I am very grateful for wonderful tools&Mods!


  1. kiiroge says:

    Hello Kijiko,

    Love your mods. Was wondering which face mods you use? I love the eye shapes your characters have and wanted to know where to find them.

    Thanks much.

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      I am glad to hear you say so. Thank you very much!
      I don’t use any mods for the eye shapes when I make my sims, I make them from the default eye presets.
      If you are interested, I have uploaded a few of my sims to the Gallery. ID is Kijiko-catfood. I hope them will be of some help to you.

  2. Goodpillow says:

    Hello, Kijiko
    I’d like to report a bug about EA Eyelashes Remover.
    Maybe because of this update, only toddlers won’t get rid of their eyelashes.
    I was not sure, so I checked it many times, but the results were the same.
    I’d appreciate it if you could check it out.

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Sorry, but originally my eyelash remover MOD is not compatible with toddlers’ lashes. It is for teens to elders.
      Perhaps that is an eyelash remover mod made by someone else…?? Would you please confirm that?

      • Katia says:

        I’m having the same issue. Also I been searching for a compatible and updated version for toddlers but so far I have found none. Is there a way to make this mod compatible for every life stages? The one mod I know of that was compatible for every life stage was the one made by Cien and yet it hasn’t been updated for awhile and now due to the latest patch 1.103 For Rent Expansion Pack is completely broken because it makes the toddlers distorted. Thanks

      • Goodpillow says:

        I read this late and checked it out again.
        I forgot to delete Cien’s mode recently.
        I apologize for not looking it up properly.
        As a user who loves your CC, I wish you all the best in the future.

  3. Jenfred says:

    Hey! The ea eyelash remover mod is not working for me anymore. Is it just a problem by me oder is anyone else having the issue? Maybe its broken and Kijiko needs to update the mod 🙂

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      I checked my eyelash remover with the latest patch, and it is still working as before.
      I would like to look into your problem, may I ask you to describe the situation in more detail how it is not working?

  4. Jenfred says:

    oh okey, thats weird bc a lot of people have the same issue. But thanks for checking. Yeah the sims dont have faces, they are showing ther teeth. If i remove the mod everything is fine

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Thanks for the reply.
      By the way, the eyelash remover was updated in September 2023. Please check to see if your mod files are up to date.
      When checking the mods, could you please move all other mods except for the eyelash remover once from your mods folder to the desktop or something, restart the game and check them?
      Also, if you have previously batch processed your mods with tools (batch fixes, rewriting flags for “allow random”, etc. with Sims 4 Studio or something), please remove that lash remover and install the original file.

  5. BirdieSims says:

    Hello, I don’t know if it would be possible to update the removes EA eyelashes that works with the new toddler eyelashes, since it is annoying, I would just like to know, thank you

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      At the moment I had no plans to create EA eyelash remover for infants, but I will see if I can do it when I have time.
      Anyway, why were lashes not added for children and infants, but only for toddlers…?? As for this, it is a bit of an unnatural addition, so if I were to make an eyelash remover, I would be willing to wait and see.

  6. Frenchie says:

    hii, I want to inform that the eyelash remover mod made my spellcaster sim’s face to disappear, so far it has never done that despite me already updating it to the latest version ;-; I’m unsure about other occult sims but currently I have a problem with spellcasters

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      I tried to make a spell caster to check, but I could not confirm the problem of the face disappearing.
      I’m sorry to trouble you, but could you try the following?

      1. move all the mods in your mods folder to the desktop or somewhere else.
      2. Re-download EA Eyelashes Remover from the following link.
      3. Unzip the file, then put “[Kijiko]Remove-EA-Lashes.package” or “[Kijiko]Remove-EA-Lashes_CAS.package into your mods folder. Make sure that only one of them is installed.
      4. Boot the game and check to see if the eyelash remover is working.

      • Frenchie says:

        ah alright, I think the issue fixed itself somehow, this time when I launched the game it was fine with and without the mods, perhaps it was just a bug. Thank you so much for answering though, I hope it didn’t take up too much time :’]

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Hi there Kijiko

    Hope you’re doing well!

    I’m Elisabeth, and I have to say that your Sims 4 CC are seriously impressive!

    I run a Sims 4-focused website where we love sharing cool CC with our readers, and your work has definitely caught our eye. So, I was wondering if it would be down to let us use the images of your cc?

    Specifically, we’d love to feature your CC in our posts to showcase your work and possibly in collages for promotion of the posts on social media and other resources.

    Of course, you’d get all the credit, direct backlinks, and serious love from our community. We never reupload cc anywhere and never hide the links behind ads – we have a very strict policy about that.

    Thanks a bunch for considering it.
    Your Sims creations are making the game even more amazing!

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!


    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      I am very happy to hear that you would like to feature my CC on your website. Thank you very much!
      It is perfectly fine to use the images in my blog or include a link to my post on your website.
      Thank you again for contacting me and for your kind words. 😀

  8. Bernadette says:

    I noticed suddenly that your eyelash remover (at least the version that removes them by default) has bugged for me, I have the latest version and I haven’t updated the game recently but when I go into cas my sims eyes pop out of their head if an eye preset is chosen that has lashes. Thanks

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      I have confirmed that the eyelash remover currently works with the following versions
      Game version 1.103.315.1020
      EA Eyelashes Remover updated on Sep/10/2023

      Could you please update the Sims 4 to the latest version and try the following?
      1. move all the mods in your mods folder to the desktop or somewhere else.
      2. Re-download EA Eyelashes Remover from the following link.
      3. Unzip the file, then put “[Kijiko]Remove-EA-Lashes.package” or “[Kijiko]Remove-EA-Lashes_CAS.package into your mods folder. Make sure that only one of them is installed.
      4. Boot the game and check to see if the eyelash remover is working.

  9. Johanna says:

    Hi, I love your EA eyelash removal default override. But I think something is wrong. My male toddler sim still has his eyelashes. But the eyelashes are removed from my infant sims and teens. So i don’t know why my toddler still has his eyelashes :/

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      As I mentioned in my description, eyelash remover is for teens to elders. It is not for sims under children.
      There were originally no lashes for sims under children, but a recent update seems to have added lashes only for infants for some reason.

  10. Kamerine Nickols says:

    Hi, I’m having an issue with your lashes; I do not believe it is the remover mod but the lashes add-ons. Every time I leave CAS and go into the game, my Sims lashes are blocky, almost like the EA lashes clipping through. At first, I realized I had both the in-CAS remover and the remover override in my game simultaneously; I fixed that and still had the same problem. So then I decided to try each of the removers in the game separately and continued to have the problem. I don’t think it is the remover because it removes the eyelashes just fine, but I think it’s just the eyelash cc.

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Hello. Sorry for the late reply.
      I can’t figure out exactly what the cause of your issue is from the text alone, but if the laptop mode is turned on in the game options, the lashes may not be displayed correctly in the game, even though they are fine in CAS. If this is the case, please turn off laptop mode and restart the game.
      Another possibility is that the lashes may not display correctly if some CAS item (such as an accessory) has conflicted with the UV of the lashes.

  11. Johanna says:

    Hi, the Sims 4 3D lashes ver 2 doesn’t show up in CAS for my spellcaster toddler. But it does show up in CAS for my child and young adult spellcasters. Just to make sure it wasn’t just something wrong with my save, i replaced the spellcaster family with a human family and the eyelashes does show up in CAS for the human toddler. Can you maybe update the toddler eyelashes so every occult category is checked in? 🙂 I love your eyelashes and can’t create an household without them xD

  12. bebi says:


    • Avatar photo Kijiko says: