Panda-Lan Lan TS4 edition

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Please Do Not include my creations in your uploads.
Please use it at your own risk.


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  • Panda-Lan Lan‘ TS4 edition for Teen/YA/Adult/Elder
  • For All Genders
  • Non‐Alpha Textures (no problem with shader issue using textures with alpha channel for hair)
  • Feel free to recolor and retexture,
    but if you upload it to somewhere,please DO NOT include mesh data.
    Please link to my blog,as a way to get mesh data.
  • There may be cases where the mesh data is updated for fixing issue.
  • The Game version PC , Mac or later is required.
    The CC may not be shown with older game version than that.


Sims4 hair/ for Female / Feminine Frame シムズ髪型 詳細

for Female / Feminine Frame

Sims4 hair/ for Male / Masculine Frame シムズ髪型 詳細

for Male / Masculine Frame

Sims4 hair/other colors and hat styles シムズ4 髪型 帽子スタイル

other colors and hat styles

Sims4 hair/In Game シムズ4 髪型 ゲーム内のスクリーンショット

In-Game Screenshots

Here’s some more images.(Tumblr Gallery)

シムズ3用に作った髪型「Panda-Lan Lan」をシムズ4仕様でリメイクしてみました。非透過ヘア、いわゆる粘土ヘアです。
シムズ3ではセットで作った、「Panda-Kang Kang」のリメイク版もこちらにあります