Adjust Glasses sliders (メガネ調整スライダー)

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It’s Zip file.
After unzip, place them (that you need) into:
Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Package

/マイ ドキュメント/Electronic Arts/ザ・シムズ3/Mods/Packages

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These sliders appear on nose tub.<br /> 鼻の調整の所にあります。

These sliders appear on nose tub.


I think that there are several MODs of the similar function, mine is one of them.
These sliders adjust the position,angle,scale of glasses.

  • These sliders are included in folder which you unzip.
  • Glasses move Y : Move glasses up and down
  • Glasses move Z : Move glasses back and forward
  • Glasses scale XYZ : Change the size of glasses
  • Glasses rotate : Rotate glasses along the head
  • Glasses rotate X : Rotate glasses X-Axis of “Glasses bone”

I tested them in game patch 1.67

Description JP


  • 解凍後のフォルダに以下のスライダーが入っています
  • Glasses move Y : メガネの上下
  • Glasses move Z : メガネの前後
  • Glasses scale XYZ : 全体のスケールを変えます
  • Glasses rotate : メガネが頭に沿う感じで回転します
  • Glasses rotate X : 単純にメガネのボーンの位置でX軸回転します


What’s the difference between “Glasses rotate” and “Glasses rotate X”?

Glasses rotate : The axis of glasses is around the temple.So, the glasses rotate like along the head. You can operate intuitively.
However, a position moves too when you want to change only an angle.
It may not be perfect that glasses fit along the head.
Please adjust a position with ‘move Y and Z’ sliders.

Glasses rotate X : Simply,the glasses rotate at the position of “glasses bone”(around nose pad). Its position does not move.
You need to move a position with ‘move Y and Z’ sliders.
It is not intuitive movement, but you fix a position and can adjust only an angle.

Whichever you like. Of course, you can use both too.

What’s the difference? JP

Glasses rotate : メガネが蔓の辺りで回転するので頭に沿うような動きで直感的に操作できます。

Glasses rotate X : メガネのボーンの位置(メガネの鼻当ての辺り)でX軸回転します。


The frame of glasses is warped...<br /> メガネのフレームが歪んじゃってます・・・

The frame of glasses is warped…

Known issue

It may not work on the glasses of the base game(or other EA’s glasses) as expected.
These sliders work on a mesh attached to “Glasses bone”.
Almost all base game glasses have some vertexes attached to “Head bone”.
So, these part of glasses do not move and rotate.

Known issue JP



CAS SliderTemplate Creator and BoneDelta Editor by Delphy

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