Hototogisu (for Male)

The Sims3

For Teens to Elders



  • Hairstyle for The Sims 3
  • For Male / Teens to Elders
  • sims3pack and package files included
  • Feel free to retexture. However, please do not share your files including my mesh data.
  • Do not re-upload, duplicate, or not include in your uploads. I do not guarantee that it will work for your use. Use at your own risk.

Credits & Thanks

  • Skintone : Navetsea
  • Eyelash : S-Club
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Conversions for Kids

There is a version converted for children and toddlers by InkWisteria.


  1. Nama says:


    THIS IS PERFECT! I’ve been looking for a hair like this for a forever WIP! THANKS!

  2. Himawari says:

    Finally, I really like this hairstyle ! (I don’t really like long hair) I think also create a ninja because yours is so charismatic XD Good luck for the future! (I can’t wait for “Quiff” hair *o*)

  3. Nightvyxen says:

    I love your hair that you make for the Sims 3, I wanna say thank you so much I greatly appreciate you making my male sims look great!

  4. mona li says:

    I downloaded a lot of your work,thank you (。・∀・)ノ゙ they are great!! o(*≧▽≦)ツ

  5. Anna Konake says:

    Uwaaa… 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

  6. tama says:

    Really nice hair, I would like to know where did you get the mask as well, it looks cool!¥( ´ω`)/

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thanks tama!!
      I made this mask.It has some issues,so I need to fix those,though…(;´∀`)

  7. WHRM3 says:

    Hey were can I get the mesh top seen in the pictures?

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Sorry,this top has not been uploaded anywhere,and actually…it’s unfinished.

  8. Lynda D. says:

    Hi. I’ve been converting a number of hairs for use in The Sims Medieval, and your hairs are perfect for this. I’m not touching the meshes. I’m only enabling the hairs for TSM using S3PE. I want to upload the conversions to Mod the Sims, and I need your permission for this. I will give full credit to you, naturally. Please email me with your answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

  9. Pantagruela says:

    Oh my! I love this ponytail! I wish you would convert some (all xD ) you AMAZING creations for TS4… I just adore your hair. I got all male hairstyles you made so far.. And I LOVE THEM!

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thank you sooo much!
      Yep,I’m planning on converting my hairstyles to TS4!

  10. cy says:


    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:


  11. Avatar photo Kijiko says:

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    Please comment at ‘About Kijiko’ if you have any questions.

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