EA Eyelashes Remover

The Sims4

EA Eyelashes Remover MOD


*****Sep/10/2023 Updated *****

Fixed a bug that caused alien heads to disappear when installing the file for the one that removes EA lashes for all sims.
Also, the file that allows turning lashes on and off in CAS has been corrected, as there seemed to be a change in the tags for the aliens.


*****Aug/23/2022 Updated *****

When I fixed the problem with using this mod on the Werewolf beast form, I changed the functionality to hide EA lashes for all sims at once, but in this update, the function to show and hide individual EA lashes has been returned. Accordingly, I’ve made two files for each function.
Please delete the old file and install.


  • EA eyelashes remover. This mod removes EA eyelashes.
  • For Teen/YA/Adult/Elder
  • Compatible with Masculine Female and Feminine Male/Vampires/Aliens
  • Applied Lod0 (high detail model,shows up when you come close to sims) only
  • There are two types of files. Choose one of the files, do not install both.
  • Please make sure your game is updated to the latest version.
    CC may not work if the game has not been updated.
  • Do not re-upload, duplicate, or not include in your uploads. I do not guarantee that it will work for your use. Use at your own risk.