Pose Helper for Sims 4 Studio

The Sims4


These files are the Blender files for creating poses with Sims 4 Studio.

First of all,these files will be of no use if you have not got Sims 4 Studio.
You can get it here:
Download Sims 4 Studio – Community Tested Version

These files could be not for newbies,I mean these could be for creators who have already made some poses.
Please note that I do not accept questions about “How to make a pose” or “How to use Blender”. Please check it out by yourself.
There are awesome tutorials on the Sims 4 Studio forum,those will be useful for you if you have never created poses,I think.

Pose Tutorials (Sims 4 Studio forum)

How to make a Sims 4 Pose Using Sims 4 Studio
Use Blender to Create a Sims 4 Pose – For Absolute Beginners
Create a Pose Pack that works with the Pose by Pack Mod
and other tutorials:

Good Luck!

Terms of Use

Do not re-upload to other sites.

Feel free to share your poses which are made by using my pose helper. I would be glad if you write that you made your poses using my pose helper!

However,if you want to share blender files of your poses including the control rig,
please DO NOT delete and DO NOT modify signatures.
(“Made with Sims 4 Studio” and “Kijiko” in the floor of the control rig)
Also,please add a link back to my blog as description of the pose helper.
These files include the rigs exported using Sims 4 Studio. Please do not share for other than the purpose of making pose with Sims 4 Studio.


1.Open the Sims 4 Studio,and export poses to blender as usual.

2.Then open the pose helper,and choose “save as”,overwrite the file you exported.

3.Edit poses as you like using pose helper.
You need to set key frames of “control_rig” and “rig” for saving your poses.
Select all the joints of “control_rig” and choose LocRot in the Insert Keyframe Menu,then select all the joints of “rig” and choose LocRot again.

4.Keep selecting the “rig” and save the file you edited,then import it into Sims 4 Studio.

Please read the ReadMe.txt in the folder after you unzipped the file.


Part of Helper Handles


Making Poses with Helper


Thank you for reading.
Hope you enjoy creating poses!


I’m sooo grateful for the awesome tools!
Sims 4 Studio
Pose Player by Andrew


Special thanks to Tamamaro
I’d love to give a huge thanks to Tamamaro for her cooperation!

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  1. austads.info says:

    I made studio set MOD which for take a good screenshot of your sim in the sims 4.

  2. VikTorika says:


  3. littledica.tumblr.com says:

    That’s so good thank you so much!!!!

  4. Раиска says:

    Я умею работать с обычным куклой создания… и там нормально все делается,
    КОГДА я хочу сделать в вашем модификаторе, чтобы симс говорил, делаю позы с открыванием рта – в блендере все ок, но в самой игре его рот не открывается, нажимала везде так и не могу понять почему не могу открыть симу рот?

  5. Eberry says:

    Will you consider doing this for kids and toddlers too? thank you!

  6. yvonne says:

    this is amazing,thank you for making my life easier.
    but could you make a tutorial on how to make this on our own. I’ve been try to do this but somehow get stucked

  7. Gift says:

    Do you have post helper for child?

  8. aaaa says:

    Awesome tutorial

  9. Daniel Cruz 34 says:

    Could you consider making this for children and toddlers? Thank you!

  10. KJ says:

    Dear Kijiko,

    This is the best! It is so helpful, thank you. Would you make a tutorial on how to add more figures? For 3+ sims.

  11. Niko says:

    Yes, please !

  12. Cheshir Foxx says:

    Dear Kijiko, thanks for the assistant poses, but there are a number of questions. Could you answer and give a couple of tips? In the blender, when you press the “I” key, the Insert KeyFrame Menu does not appear. Key frames appear (seemingly), but are not deleted (Alt + I) because of this it is difficult to make an animated pose. (posture with a chair). Tell us how you can fix it?

  13. Rolni says:

    pls Pose Helper for Sims 4 Studio you do for pets, babies and kids