Shaggy Short (for Female)

The Sims4

***** Jun/27/2016 Update *****

Made compatible with Masculine Female and Feminine Male.
By this update,this hair has become compatible with both genders and both frames.
Accordingly,I merged Female version into Male version.
Get this hair from Male version page.


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  1. Uvonne Jones-Most says:

    Super cute, Thank you so much.

  2. Naxore says:

    Really nice c:
    Thanks! :3

  3. anonymouse says:

    How can I download it?

  4. anonymouse says:

    Oh nevermind… 🙂

  5. Hasumi says:

    Runterladen geht nicht kann mir jemand helfen

  6. Lordmoosicorn says:

    How do I download it, I can’t find the button

  7. Biscuit doce says:

    Hey, I’m having trouble dowloading. Where can I dowload?

    • Miku-x says:

      Read the whole note that the person left for you!
      If you can’t read the Japanese one there’s the English one. Read those!

  8. Anime Simmer says:

    I can’t download this hair