3D Lashes Version2

Please Do Not reupload,modify,reproduce.
Please Do Not include my creations in your uploads.
Please use it at your own risk.


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The curve of the new version eyelash is a little smoother than older version.
Also,I renewed the eyelash designs.

*****Jun/07/2016 Update *****

The Lashes are now compatible with Masculine Female and Feminine Male.
If you already have got these lashes,download again and delete the old files,then install again.
The files for Male are not needed. The Lashes are compatible with all gender by one file. So,I strongly recommend that you DELETE the ALL old files of these Lashes before re-install of new lashes files.



  • Eyelash for Teen/YA/Adult/Elder,For All Gender.
  • Lashes are in Accessories category.(Glasses)
  • 25 regular length styles + 20 long styles (Optional file)
  • Compatible with eye shape morphing
  • Please make sure to turn off the laptop mode.
  • Feel free to recolor and retexture,
    but if you upload and share it,please DO NOT include mesh data.
    Please link to my blog,as a way to get mesh data.
  • Also,please DO NOT copy my meshes.
  • There may be cases where the mesh data is updated for fixing issue.
  • Required the game version PC , Mac

PLEASE READ BEFORE SENDING A COMMENT! (Click here,contents will open)

If you have any trouble,please check the following.
I’m at a loss for an answer to vague comments like “not working” 🙁

The lashes won’t show up in Create a Sim.

  • Make sure your game version.
    The lashes are required game version PC , Mac or later.
    If you’ve got older version (for earlier than 06/02/2016 patch),need game version PC Version , Mac Version
  • Make sure that Enable Custom Content and Mods has been turned on in Game Options.
  • Check your Mod folder and make sure the file named “[Kijiko]eyelash_YF_version2.package” has been put into Mod folder. This is main file,you need it to use the lashes.

There’s something glitch with the lashes…!?

  • If the lashes look like this,please check the follwing.
    Make sure the LapTop Mode has been turned off.
    Try removing all other custom contents from your Mod folder,then restart the game.
  • Depending on eye shape deformation or custom hairs,there is a case that causes lashes distorted.
3D Lashes for the Sims4 / Long styles シムズ4 3Dまつ毛 ロングスタイルを追加しました。

Long styles / female
ロングバージョン 女性用です。

3D Lashes for the Sims4 / Long styles シムズ4 3Dまつ毛 ロングスタイルを追加しました。

Long styles / female
ロングバージョン 女性用です。

3D Lashes for the Sims4 / Long styles シムズ4 3Dまつ毛 ロングスタイルを追加しました。

Long styles / female
ロングバージョン 女性用です。

3D Lashes for the Sims4 / Long styles for Male シムズ4 3Dまつ毛 ロングスタイルを追加しました。こちらは男性に使用してます。

Long styles / male
20 styles included the same as female
ロングバージョン 男性用。女性用と同じデザインがあります。

 3D lashes HQ compatible version is available!

>>3D lashes HQ compatible version

Mar/22/2016 New!  Additional Styles

3D Lashes for the Sims4 / Long and New styles シムズ4 3Dまつ毛 新しいロングスタイルを追加しました。やや柔らかめな色合いをセットにしました。


Download51019 downloads


  • Optional files for the lashes above.
  • The mesh files required.(mesh data is not included.)
  • I updated the main files which include mesh data in Dec/08/2015.
    Even if you’ve got my lashes (Main files) already,you need update them for using these additional colors if main files in your Mods folder are older than that.
    Please download again,and overwrite old files.
  • For Female and Male
  • Required the game version PC , Mac

Regular Length Styles

3D Lashes for the Sims4 / Regulat Length styles シムズ4 3Dまつ毛 こちらは通常の長さの各まつ毛デザインです。

Regular length / female
まつ毛バリエーション通常版 女性用です。

3D Lashes for the Sims4 / Regulat Length styles シムズ4 3Dまつ毛 こちらは通常の長さの各まつ毛デザインです。

Regular length / female

3D Lashes for the Sims4 / Regulat Length styles シムズ4 3Dまつ毛 こちらは通常の長さの各まつ毛デザインです。男性に使用してみました。

Regular length / male
25 designs included the same as female


Party Colors (Optional file)


Download33658 downloads


  • This is an optional file for the lashes above.
  • The mesh files required.(the mesh data is not included.)
  • 5 colors and 5 designs with white color (Regular length)
  • For Female and For Male included.


White colored lashes included.

Known Issue

Lashes do not work correctly in the laptop mode.
This eyelashes are used the ‘SimGlasee’ shader for texture alpha.
This shader can’t draw transparent texture in laptop mode.


Change Log

Update Aug/12/1015 :
Fix the issue with specular maps.
I fixed an issue that might affect specular maps of other CAS parts.

スペキュラーマップが他のCASパーツのマップへ影響を与えてしまう可能性がある問題を修正しました。 この問題は、稀に他のアクセサリー等のパーツのスペキュラーマップに妙なラインを表示してしまう事があります。必ずしも発生するわけではないようですが、 すでにこちらのまつ毛をお持ちの場合、問題なくお使いいただくため、お手数ですが、アップデートして頂けると幸いです。

Update Sep/10/2015 :
Fixed an issue about the lashes clipping through a hair with texture alpha.
Thank you for your information,Irina!
The lashes will not be drawn front of bangs any more.
(When a sim moves her head aslant,a hair clips the lashes,though…
well,it’s the regrettable behavior of “SimGlass” shader.)


UpdateDec/08/2015 :
Added the long eyelashes styles.
If you’ve already got my lashes (version 2),please overwrite the old files.
If you use long eyelashes styles,you need to put main files and optional files included in this zip file into your Mods folder.
Please see the ‘Read Me’ file (included in this .zip file) for the details.

詳細はzipファイルに同梱のRead Meファイルをご参照下さい

Older Files (for previous version earlier than 06/02/2016 patch.)


Download2086 downloads

This is older version of the Lashes that can be used with the game version PC Version / Mac Version, for people who can’t update the game for some reason.
(The Lashes may work with earlier version than that,but I can’t say for sure.)
Unzip the all Zip.files before you put them in your mod folder.
*** Term of Use ***
Please Do Not reupload.
Please Do Not include my files in your upload.
If you want to share your re-color or re-texture of these lashes,please Do Not include mesh data.
Please use them at your own risk.

*** Note ***
This is older version than current download of the lashes.
Because of that,I can’t identify the cause if something problem happens with your game because I can’t downgrade my game version.




詳しくはRead Meファイルを同梱致しましたので、ご参照下さい。