Kijiko Hair for Kids Vol.1

Sims4 hair/ for Kids  シムズ4 髪型 子供用 大人用の髪型を子供用にコンバートしました。

Please Do Not reupload,modify,reproduce.
Please Do Not include my creations in your uploads.
Please use it at your own risk.

V Shaped Bangs : [Kijiko]S4_hair000_CU_Lynx

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Spiky Layered : [Kijiko]S4_hair003_CU_Serval

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Round Bob : [Kijiko]S4_hair006_CU_FishingCat

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Short Hair With Heavy Bangs : [Kijiko]S4_hair008_CU_PampasCat

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  • Hairstyles for Child
  • Unisex
  • Non‐Alpha Textures (no problem with shader issue using textures with alpha channel for hair)
  • There are the same number of colors as adult version.
  • Feel free to recolor and retexture,
    but if you upload it to somewhere,please DO NOT include mesh data.
    Please link to my blog as a way to get mesh data.
  • There may be cases where the mesh data is updated for fixing issue.


the ‘Additional colors’ will be appeared in CAS as stand-alone CAS parts (as different hairstyle from default colors).
In current game version,children’s hair colors have an issue where the hair color is changed to different color when we change the outfit category.
I’ve separated the additional colors from default colors because of avoiding this issue,but it may still happen…

Adult versions

V Shaped Bangs (for Male)
Spiky Layered (for Male)/(for Female)
Round Bob (for Male)
Short Hair With Heavy Bangs (for Male)/(for Female)


Sims4 hair/ fron,side,back  シムズ4 髪型 詳細 非透過タイプです。

another angle

Sims4 hair/other colors and hat styles  シムズ4 髪型 帽子スタイル

Hat styles

Sims4 hair/In Game  シムズ4 髪型 ゲーム内のスクリーンショット

In-game scrennshots

Here’s some more images.(Tumblr Gallery)

A little gift

Bunny Hoodie (Get to Work) for Boys

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This file enables boys to wear the Bunny Hoodie.
‘Get to Work’ expansion pack Required

こちらのファイルは、Get to Workで追加された、うさパーカーを男の子も着用可能にします。
Get to Work拡張パックが必要です。

また、下のファイルはGet to Work拡張パックで追加された子ども服、うさパーカーを男の子も着れるようにするものです。