Kijiko Hair for Kids Vol.1

The Sims4

V Shaped Bangs


Spiky Layered


Round Bob


Short Hair With Heavy Bangs



  • Hair style for Children
  • Compatible with hats
  • Feel free to retexture. However, please do not share your files including my mesh data.
  • Please make sure your game is updated to the latest version. CC may not work if the game has not been updated.
  • Do not re-upload, duplicate, or not include in your uploads. I do not guarantee that it will work for your use. Use at your own risk.
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  1. Erin says:

    Love the hairstyles. Would be nice if all the adult versions where unisex as well, though.

  2. GolDYFishA says:

    Thank you so much for making these!
    Super amazing! So cute ~ ♥

  3. Jen says:

    Just wondering, are these hairs only able to work with the newer updates? My game is unable to update and I was curious if this is the reason that the hairs don’t show up.

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Yes,probably the game version (Mac Version or later is required for these hairs.
      Seems the CC made from the newer version can’t work on the older version.

  4. Uvonne Jones-Most says:

    thank you for these adorable hairstyle for kids.

  5. Brooklyn says:

    when will you make the second volume for the kids hairs cx i love your work btw! thank you very much for these great hairs!

  6. chacha says:

    There are awesome hair style.
    Thank you Kijiko san.

  7. Mast says:

    What kind of eye color you use for the Round Bob model ? Can you give me the link pls ?

  8. stella says:

    I really like the round bob