3D Lashes (curly edition)

The Sims4



****Jul/26/2017 ****

I renewed my 3D Lashes. Accordingly,I’m going to discontinue updating this.
Also,I can’t support for using this lashes.
I recommend the 3D Lashes version 2 (the latest)

3D Lashes version 2 (最新版です)

  • Eyelash for Teen/YA/Adult/Elder.
  • Lashes are in Accessories category.(wear as Glasses)
  • Eye shape deformation compatible.
  • For Female and For Male included.
  • Feel free to recolor and retexture,
  • but,if you upload it somewhere,please DO NOT include mesh data.
  • Please link to my blog,as a way to get mesh data.

Known Issue

Lashes does not work correctly in laptop mode.

Lashes does not work correctly in laptop mode.Probably the behavior is by design.
The shader can’t draw transparent texture in laptop mode.



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  1. Caramell says:

    I love your Eye lashes!, but i Really want to know what eyes you are using Please!

  2. Bambi says:

    So, I downloaded version two of you 3d lashes and they do not work in my game, when i try to put them on to a sim in cas. It doesn’t show up at all. I wanted to ask if you could help me, hah..

  3. Zeze says:

    I really love your eyelashs.THANK YOU!

  4. Carsen says:

    It’s sooooo Awesome! Now I can do a short MV with my sims!! My males look FABULOUS!

  5. Arielle says:

    So super-mega-foxy AMAZING!!!!! I love it sooo much!

  6. kashawn says:

    Can you try to fix it for the laptops because I only use the sims 4 on my laptop. thanks

  7. Rosalie.kinder says:

    make some for the latest version..

  8. Yasu says:

    Amazing! I like it a lot, but the eyelashes shows through some hair that covers the eyes.

  9. Fi says:

    Hi there! Love these lashes so much, they’re acting weird not though. The lashes hardly show up on my sim. The longer ones used to be SO dramatic and I loved them ! Now, it’s like the don’t curl up or something? Not sure if that makes sense. Still love them though.

  10. rainy says:

    please can you do some eyelashes that is compatible with laptop mode?

  11. enice says:

    awww thanks for making this ^3^

  12. lilli says:

    everytime i try to download these in my game it never shows up in cas. am i missing something

  13. Andrea Walker says:

    like 3D lashs

  14. Andrea Walker says:

    not work download .