3D Lashes (curly edition)

The Sims4



****Jul/26/2017 ****

I renewed my 3D Lashes. Accordingly,I’m going to discontinue updating this.
Also,I can’t support for using this lashes.
I recommend the 3D Lashes version 2 (the latest)

3D Lashes version 2 (最新版です)

  • Eyelash for Teen/YA/Adult/Elder.
  • Lashes are in Accessories category.(wear as Glasses)
  • Eye shape deformation compatible.
  • For Female and For Male included.
  • Feel free to recolor and retexture,
  • but,if you upload it somewhere,please DO NOT include mesh data.
  • Please link to my blog,as a way to get mesh data.

Known Issue

Lashes does not work correctly in laptop mode.

Lashes does not work correctly in laptop mode.Probably the behavior is by design.
The shader can’t draw transparent texture in laptop mode.



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  1. Neen says:

    Amazing! Thank you !

  2. Lissa says:

    Beautiful!! Great, great job! Thank you!

  3. Emma says:

    These are SO BEAUTIFUL. But they made a wierd line in my game. Here’s a link to a screenshot I posted on my blog.
    I removed all my cc one by one and this was the only one causing this issue. Such a shame because I adore these lashes!

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thank you for your report!
      This weird line appears even when you remove all Mods and CC except eyelash,right?
      I’m not sure if I can fix this problem…but,may I ask a few things if you can?
      ・Is your game the latest version?
      ・Does the line appear as same position,same shape and same color when you change hairstyle,outfit or accessories?
      ・How does it become if you rotate Sim in CAS? (Seems it stick to Sim’s head,does it rotate together?)
      ・How does the eyelash shape become? Does it weird shape too?
      ・Does the line appear in-game too?

      Aw…too many questions…(´Д`υ)
      It’s OK when you have time (and if possible).

      • Emma says:

        Hi sorry for my late reply, It wasn’t letting me post this for ages!
        I took out all my mods then added them one by one and this was difinitely the one that caused the line.
        The line stayes looking the same but moves/rotates with the sim but in CAS it’s only visible from behind. When I’m in CAS and I’m clicking around it comes and goes when I click on hair and clothes but its not linked to any particular item, it has been seen with all of them at least once.
        It has started being visible in game, but I can sometimes make it go away when I save the game or make the sims travel.
        The eyelashes remain beautiful and perfect throughout!
        I’ll probably keep the eyelashes as they’re a bit of a staple now! I would love if you could find a fix though!

        • Avatar photo kijiko says:

          Thank you,Emma!
          Actually,It’s hard to solve this problem because I can’t reproduce the problem same as yours,but I’m guessing few conceivable causes for that by your info.
          However,If I make some test package files I can’t check whether it’s OK or not.
          I will probably bother you if I ask a favor of you,because I can’t say for sure that test files are sure to be good use of solving that,but I would be glad if you could help me.
          If you help to test my files,please let me know in comment form.

        • Emma says:

          I’ll be happy to test some files for you 🙂 I use your skins, makeup and hairs, you’re an amazing creator and I’d love to help!

        • Avatar photo kijiko says:

          Ohh! Thank you so much!!
          I’d like to send the test files as an attachment,do you mind if I send you an e-mail to address you filled in when you gave me comments?

        • Emma says:

          thats absolutely fine, so you just want me to install them, play them a bit and get back to you?

        • Avatar photo kijiko says:

          Thank you sooo much!!
          Yes,I’ve sent an email and attached the file,please check it for the details.
          (If it does not arrive,please check the spam folder.)
          Thanks again! (●≧艸≦)

  4. pah says:

    wow~~~!.。.(。´・ω・。)ノ゛ .♡。: so great!

  5. hess says:

    I love it♥Thank you!

  6. Jess says:

    Hello! I’m wondering how you make the EA lashes disappear so that these can be crowned in glory, without having a dark clunky fake lash blocking their view!

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Hummm,Hiding the EA lashes…!?
      I’ve never thought it,but if it possible,this lashes can be put on eyes with EA lashes just as you say.
      I’m guessing that it doesn’t go like TS3,but that is very interesting.I’ll see what I can find for that.

  7. Marine says:

    Hi !
    All your eye lashes are crashing my game unfortunately. I don’t know why it does that, when i want to create a sim i click on your eye lashes and then my game just crash 🙁

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      I’m so sorry,but it’s very difficult to solve the crashing problem on a certain PC,because I can’t reproduce it same as yours,so I can’t identify the cause of it.
      I can’t say for sure whether it’s the solution but…if you haven’t updated your game to latest version,please try again after you update your game.

      • Marine says:

        Thanks for your answer you were right, it’s because it wasn’t updated, i updated it few days ago and your eyelashes are working now 😀
        they look amazing thank you very much !!

  8. Poro says:

    Hey! I really like your eyelashes.
    But sometimes the eyelashes with hair deformation especially bangs
    Hope to have a solution

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thanks Poro!!
      hummm….Seems that some custom hairs (have bangs cover around eyes)make the lashes distortion.
      EA’s hairs don’t have the issue like this though.
      The deform map of custom hair might cause this issue.
      Anyway,I don’t know it’s able to be fixed,but I’ll try to look for a workaround.

  9. Matti says:

    heyy, they look great but they don’t show up in my game, and I don’t play on a laptop 🙁 It’s a shame because I loooove how they look!!!!!

  10. Nens says:

    These are beautiful! I can’t want to use them :D!

    Is it possible to have them categorized under a different accessory though? I’m starting to use custom content such as wings and horns, and some of my favorites only categorize as glasses.

  11. Radman says:

    Hey those eyelashes are great but is there any way they could be in Face Paint category (becouse there is nothing iteresting in there 😛 ) instead of Glasses because i would love to use them with glasses ?

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thank you,Radman!
      Putting in Face Paint category is possible,but unfortunately,it’s not enough to use with glasses.
      When lashes are made as 3D,UV map which is separated from Sim’s face is needed.
      Because of that,I used accessory UV map,but mapping the texture is very limited in TS4.
      If the lashes are used with glasses,I need to replace another accessory instead of glasses.
      I made the lashes like this, it’s experimental,though.

  12. LoveTheSims says:

    I love the lashes but they don’t show up in my game?

  13. Gretel says:

    Hey I love all the things you do on sims 4 ! I just wanna say Thank you ! I really like how you help other people 🙂 not a lot of people do that.


  14. Katy says:

    Hey Kijiko, I love the eyelashes! I was wondering, how do you hide the default EA eyelashes? Thanks <3

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Thank you,Katy!
      I didn’t hide the default lashes but I chose the non-lashes eye shape.