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****Jul/26/2017 ****

I renewed my 3D Lashes. Accordingly,I’ll discontinue updating this.
I recommend the 3D Lashes version 2 (the latest)

3D Lashes version 2 (最新版です)

  • Eyelash for Teen/YA/Adult/Elder.
  • Lashes are in Accessories category.(wear as Glasses)
  • Eye shape deformation compatible.
  • Female version has 2 types of eyelash mesh1 and mesh2.
  • Feel free to recolor and retexture,
  • but,if you upload it somewhere,please DO NOT include mesh data.
  • Please link to my blog,as a way to get mesh data.
  • Also,please DO NOT copy my meshes.
  • There may be cases where the mesh data is updated for fixing issue.

Eyelash designs for mesh1 and mesh2



This is new designs for eyelash “mesh1” and “mesh2”.
Mesh files are required.Please download from the above.

Known Issue

Lashes does not work correctly in laptop mode.

Lashes does not work correctly in laptop mode.Probably the behavior is by design.
The shader can’t draw transparent texture in laptop mode.


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  1. Ragna says:

    Very beautiful! Suki desu!
    I really love your site 🙂
    Hey, I’m from Belgium, if you want to learn English, I can always help you!
    I’m trying to learn Japanese, maybe we can help eachother?

    Greetings from Belgium 🙂

  2. Keenahmee says:

    Hi. thank you for these beautiful lashes!
    I suggest you to think of some way to make them default, it would be awesome to have all the sims with them)
    Best wishes)

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thank you,Keenahmee!!
      replace default lashes!? Oh,I’m not sure if I can do that,but if I can…definitely,it’s so excited!

  3. Lissa says:

    Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE these

  4. diamondlight says:

    Hi, Kijiko. First I would like you to know how grateful I am for this beautiful CC. But I have a problem that it didn’t showed up in my game i don’t know why while every other CC are showing fine in game. Only all your 3d eyelashes not showing.. Can you please help me because I am desperately want to have it in my game..(the curly and the normal one, all of them… T^T)

    My specification:
    – OS is Windows 7 64-bit
    – Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500 CPU @3.30GHz
    – Graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

    Please help.. 🙁

    • diamondlight says:

      UPDATE: I finally found the culprit! My game is not up to date that’s why it didn’t show up in my game. It finally shows after I update the game. Thank you, Kijiko! <3

      • Avatar photo kijiko says:

        Thanks diamondlight!
        I was going to reply just now(ノ´∀`*)
        That’s a relief!

  5. MiuStrawberry says:

    Hello, Kijiko! You’re an amazing person, you complete my life with your CC, almost all of the sims I have are not and never will be matching to your greatness, but it has almost all of the custom content I could get from you inserted and surfaced in them! Thank you for your time, and I hope you become much more popular then this and get a great award and be a legend for your custom content!


    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Wow!Wow!! Thank you sooo much,Miu!!
      I’m so happy that you say so! ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ

  6. somber says:

    Hi. Your works are beautiful. XD Thank you for making them!
    Out of curiosity though, if you can’t make them default lashes, can you place them in facial detail/skin detail category (the category with all the wrinkles and freckles)?
    If you place them there, the sims can still wear other eye-wear if they want and you wont have to place them on every outfit as they would be part of your sim’s body.

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thank you,somber!!
      Probably it’s possible.(…in skin detail category is possible?? Putting in makeup category is certainly possible.)
      Actually,I’m going to make another type of eyelash which is wearable with other eye-wear.
      However,TS4 has texture maps in a different way from TS3.
      In TS4,each accessory needs to have predefined texture space.
      Because of that,these eyelashes need to avoid the glasses texture space,but sadly…other spaces are a little small,so the lashes may be a little blurred… but I’ll try!

  7. Pam says:

    Hello! Love your work, it’s wonderful… I Just have a little ussue, not sure why it happens-
    My male sims cant seem to be able to wear lashes for some strange reson. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Hi,Thanks Pam!
      I’m not sure for the details of your problem,but if these lashes does not show up in CAS,or if they make crash your game,please try to update your game to latest version. It might fix the problem.

  8. Ronetta Bryant says:

    I love these lashes, but is there any way to make them compatible with the longer hairstyles that happen to partially cover the eye. they seem to show through them.

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thanks Ronetta!
      Does the hair that you’re using have transparent texture?
      (If the creator of that hair says “turn off laptop mode”,it’s a hair has transparent texture.)
      Those hairs are used “SimGlass shader” for transparent.(It’s a little irregular way for making hair or CAS parts except glasses.)
      CAS parts which are used that shader compete with transparent objects or other CAS parts have “SimGlass shader”.
      Also,my lashes have “SimGlass shader”.
      For now,unfortunately,there is no way to make them compatible with other transparent objects and other “SimGlass shader” objects.
      Especially,in the case of hair,hair is a larger object in CAS parts,so this issue is noticeable at in-game…(´;ω;`)

  9. Ronetta Bryant says:

    Oh, Okay. I understand for now I’ll aviod using the lashes with those hair types.

  10. noomycat says:

    Veri nice! thanks for your creative idea ^_^

  11. Yoshiiteza says:


    • Avatar photo kijiko says:




  12. FlorenceApple says:

    Hey, so I’m not able to get these to show up in my game.. what could be going wrong…??

  13. Jennifer says:

    kijiko I cant seem to find the eyelashes in my game can u please help me

  14. Avatar photo Kijiko says:

    About your problem,please check below,

    • Your game is the latest version. If your game is older version,my mods may not show up in your game.
    • The resource.cfg file has been edited correctly. (if you organize by using subfolder)
    • The zip files have been unzipped properly.

    BTW,I renewed my 3D Lashes,so I’ll discontinue updating this.
    Instead,I recommend the newer version.
    3D Lashes version 2