Long Straight

The Sims4



***** Jun/27/2016 Update *****

Made compatible with Masculine Female and Feminine Male.
By this update,this hair has become compatible with both genders and both frames.
For male version is no longer needed.
If you’ve got the following files,please DELETE those.

Delete these files:


  • Hair style for Teens to Elders, for all genders
  • Compatible with hats
  • Feel free to retexture. However, please do not share your files including my mesh data.
  • Please make sure your game is updated to the latest version. CC may not work if the game has not been updated.
  • Do not re-upload, duplicate, or not include in your uploads. I do not guarantee that it will work for your use. Use at your own risk.
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  1. Lin says:

    This is just amazing!!

  2. Haru says:

    I really loved this hair! Thank you!

  3. Pantagruela says:

    I love your work ! I really dooo… Its really well done! Keep it up ! :3

  4. salina93 says:

    Love this so much, cant wait to test it out! any chance you will make one for sims 3?

  5. Yoshi says:

    Thanks so much for this!!
    I love you ≧◠ᴥ◠≦

  6. Alexia says:

    Cada vez que lo descargo me dice que hay un error en el formato del archivo package :<

  7. Desambre says:

    No doubt, you are an artist. I mean an Artist ! And a really talented one !
    That hair mod is simply the best I have seen. And the colours… Wow ! SUPERB !
    The job of Artists like you is a gift to the community.
    So Thank you, dear Kijiko ! Thanks a lot !
    God bless all the Artist around the world ! 🙂

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Hi,Desambre! I’m sooo glad to hear you say it!
      Thank you so much (≧∇≦)

  8. superfly says:

    this is no doubt the most beautiful hairstyle mod i’ve ever see…but it has clipping issue which really bothering me…hope you can fix it

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Thank you,superfly
      Could you tell me about your issue? Sorry,but…I’m not sure what the meaning of ‘clipping issue’ is.

      • superfly says:

        well, maybe it’s just me but the hair will clip to the sim’s back and shoulder…

        • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

          Sometimes the hair sinks into sim’s shoulder when a sim moves like shrugging shoulder.
          …but,it’s not what you mean,is it?
          Sorry for not being of any help. I might get something if I can see screenshots or something.

  9. Naxore says:

    This is perfect! 😀

  10. Jonas says:

    My God, you’re amazing, kiss me <333

  11. Lilli says:

    Your work is amazing, thank you!

  12. wakanabe says:

    I have never seen such AMAZING creations! Thank you for your work!

  13. RockLover says:

    Hi, downloaded this version already but when I clicked on your hair update page for the male version I was lead back here. Do you have the male version posted?
    P.s: Love your cc!!!!

  14. RockLover says:

    Hi again! So I can’t find my last comment so will write this here. I read more carefully your description of your cc and found that the male hair is embedded with the female one. Oops…! So if you find the older comment that was not for this cc but another and was written a couple on minutes before this one then please disregard it.
    Thanks and sorry!