Panda-Kang Kang (for Male)

The Sims3

For Teens to Elders



  • Hairstyle for The Sims 3
  • For Male / Teens to Elders
  • sims3pack and package files included
  • Feel free to retexture. However, please do not share your files including my mesh data.
  • Do not re-upload, duplicate, or not include in your uploads. I do not guarantee that it will work for your use. Use at your own risk.

Credits & Thanks

  • Skintone : Navetsea
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Conversions for Kids

There is a version converted for children and toddlers by InkWisteria.


  1. KarinaRunda says:

    Прелесть, очень красиво!!

  2. JJJ says:

    Wow! This is really good as usual! You’re amazing!

  3. jay says:

    Awesome! Thank you 🙂

  4. Gab says:

    omg 😀 This is exactly what I needed! Thank you thank you!

  5. Avatar photo kijiko says:

    Thanks JJJ,iay,Gab!! I’m happy that you like it 😀

  6. kijikoさん、こんにちは~!今回のヘアスタイルもクールで素敵ですね^^女性用の「ランラン」ヘアもすっごく可愛いです。

    こっそりと髪型のアンケートに投票し続けているのですが おしゃれなイラストの数々に「素敵!」となって

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:



  7. seri says:


    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      にやにやしてます 絶妙に不気味です!

  8. Ksenia says:

    Hello, could you tell me, which skin tone do you use in this character? I can’t find this on the Navetsea’s website.
    I’ll be very grateful if you can do it :3

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      This skin tone is ” Real 2 edition” (it can be downloaded at “The Sims 3 skin PAGE1” in his site.)
      I think you can find it middle of that page 🙂

  9. Himawari says:

    Thank you ^o^

  10. rust9mka says:

    I love these hair so much, but I want it for female to! Please, maybe you’ll do the female version?

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thanks rust9mka!
      Sorry,I have no plan to remake it for female for now,but I’ll think about it.

  11. Alliah says:

    I love this hairstyle sooo much. I wish my toddlers could use it though. I tried converting hair but the tutorials were difficult and my computer did not work well with all the programs. Could you make a toddler version of this hair?I see some people have personally converted it but are not willing to share which I respect I just wish I could have this for my toddlers. Maybe we could talk in an email.

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Thanks Alliah!!
      Actually,I think I want to convert some hairstyles to kids,so I’ll convert this hair,too.
      However,I can’t do that soon,because I have a lot of unfinished works.
      I would be glad if you could wait until I finish to make it.
      BTW,you need the hair for the Sims 3,right?

      • Alliah says:

        Yes I need it for the sims 3. Thank you soo much! Take as much time as you need. I check back for replies here daily but if email is easier for you to contact me feel free.

  12. Hi, may I convert this for toddlers to release? It’s a lovely hair :3

    • Avatar photo kijiko says:

      Yes,usually it is OK for personal use only. However,to tell the truth,I’ve converted this hair,but I just can’t seem to have time to upload to my blog.(;´д`)ゞ
      Therefore,if you release the conversion of this hair for toddlers instead of me,could you include me in the credits for the original author?

  13. レイブン says:

    とてもかわいい!私はそれをとても愛して!ᕦʕ ☯ ᴥ ☯ ʔᕤ

  14. Katha says:

    Hey Kijiko 🙁

    Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASEEEEEEE convert this for Sims4? I’m dying to find Hair like this!

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Hi Katha!
      Actually I’m going to convert and remake this hairstyle to TS4.
      I can’t convert it right now,but I’ll certainly do it because it’s my favourite (´ω`*)

      • Katha says:

        Oh, I this hair so much.. and of course I love you XD
        I’m happy to hear this! I’m excited and I promse I will be patient. :3

        Love <3