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I am Kijiko, a lover of cats and The Sims. I’m making custom content for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4.
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I am very grateful for wonderful tools&Mods!


  1. TsukiNoSuzaku says:


    さて、カスタムコンテンツをかなりお持ちのようなので、質問させてください。それはあなたにとって選択肢の一つになるのではないでしょうか? https://www.curseforge.com/sims4/mods



    よろしくお願いします。 =D

  2. Landysh says:

    Hi, the file “EA Eyelashes Remover” does not work with alien faces without disguise, even in CAS, if you make an alien, then it appears without a face.

    • Kijiko says:

      I also created an alien sim using [Kijiko]Remove-EA-Lashes.package and [Kijiko]Remove-EA-Lashes_CAS.package to check it, I could not confirm the glitch where an alien appears without a face.

      The version I checked is game version and Eyelashes Remover updated on Aug/23/2022.

      If you have an older game version or file, or a conflict with your CC or mods, you may have a problem.
      Or there may be a condition that causes the glitch that I am missing. It would be helpful if you could give me some more details about the situation.

  3. PlatinumTheLost says:


    I wanted to download your “Pose Helper for Sims 4 Studio”, but at the place where the download link should stand it’s just written: [sdm_download id=”8900″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″ button_text=”Download Pose Helper for Sims 4 Studio”] so I can’t download it :(… do you have any solution?

    btw I really appreciate your work !

  4. flower33 says:


    I want to download your pose helper for Sims Studio but I don’t find any download link in the downlaod section of the page (just a text). I wonder if the link been removed or if it’s just a problem with my device.. Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Tory Speace says:

    Hi, I love using the eyelashes for my sims cause they look more realistic with them on, but I’m having an issue with your Eyelash Remover and the Eyelashes themselves, they were working for about a month or so of me downloading them and using them on my sims but now every time I use them or try to, they just don’t work, and I’ve tried everything, they show up perfectly fine is CAS but not in game, they will convert to the Sims 4 Base Game eyelashes, I don’t know why its doing this all of a sudden but I would seriously appreciate it if there was a solution to this!

    • Kijiko says:

      did you do anything to make changes to your game before the problem started happening?
      For example, did you add mods or CC?
      Eyelash Remover replaces the lod0 of sim’s head mesh with a hidden eyelash one. If the replaced mesh conflicts with some mod, it will not work properly.
      Also, if you have lowered the quality of your sim’s display in the game options and low poly meshes below lod1 are displayed in game, the base game eyelashes will be displayed. (CAS always shows lod0)
      I’m sorry I can’t pinpoint the cause either, but I hope I can be of some help.

      • Erica says:

        Is the eyelash remover updated as of now? If so, it shows up as broken in game

      • Kijiko says:

        I have confirmed that both of the two eyelash remover files ([Kijiko]Remove-EA-Lashes.package and [Kijiko]Remove-EA-Lashes_CAS.package) are working as before with the latest patch.
        Can you give me more information on how and under what conditions they are broken?

  6. Ona says:

    Will you ever upload your Sims 4 characters? ;(

  7. lunae says:

    i love the mod, however the default remove eyelashes mod made it so that my newly created sims would not have a face after the january 31 2023 patch. i removed every mod subfolder individually to figure out that it was this mod. will you update the mod for this patch? i have no idea why this would be the broken mod but it is very creepy for my sims not to have a face. the mod works as expected for sims that have already been created.

    • lunae says:

      nevermind. please disregard this comment, i reinstalled the mod on a whim and it worked. have a wonderful day and thank you for all of your great custom content.

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