3D Lashes Version2

The Sims4

3D Lashes Version2


*****Jun/15/2023 Update*****

Added new thin shortish eyelashes styles.
Please overwrite the required file ([Kijiko]eyelash_YF_version2.package).
HQ compatibility files included. If you are using HQ mod, please install that files.

HQ互換ファイルを同梱しました。HQ modをご使用の場合にそちらのファイルをインストールしてください。

  • Eyelash for Teen/YA/Adult/Elder,For All Gender.
  • Lashes are in Accessories category.(Glasses)
  • Compatible with eye shape morphing
  • Please make sure to turn off the laptop mode.
  • Feel free to recolor and re-texture,but if you upload and share it,please DO NOT include mesh data.
    Also,please DO NOT copy my meshes.
    Please link to my blog as a way to get mesh data.
    There may be cases where the mesh data is updated for fixing issue.
  • Please make sure your game is updated to the latest version.
    CC may not work if the game has not been updated.
  • Do not re-upload, duplicate, or not include in your uploads. I do not guarantee that it will work for your use. Use at your own risk.

Installation Guide for The 3D Lashes

If you have any trouble,please check out this guide.

EA Eyelashes Remover MOD

Post moved. You can download it here.

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Additional Styles



  • Optional files for the lashes above.
  • The mesh files required.(mesh data is not included.)
  • I updated the main files which include mesh data in Dec/08/2015.
    Even if you’ve got my lashes (Main files) already,you need update them for using these additional colors if main files in your Mods folder are older than that.
    Please download again,and overwrite old files.
  • Please make sure that your game version is the latest.

Party Colors (Optional file)



  • This is an optional file for the lashes above.
  • The mesh files required.(the mesh data is not included.)
  • 5 colors and 5 designs with white color (Regular length)
  • For Female and For Male included.



EA睫毛削除 ティーン/若年/成人/老年 用


こちらは、長いまつ毛デザインを追加します。メッシュ自体はメインファイルに入っておりますので、メインファイルと一緒にご使用下さい。詳しくはRead Meファイルを同梱致しましたので、ご参照下さい。


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Everything I tried downloading from your website won’t show up in my game.

  2. Avatar photo Kijiko says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Thank you for your idea 🙂 But I’m so sorry,currently I don’t have a plan to make other version of the lashes,and it might be a bit difficult to map it on earrings because earrings’ texture area is a little small for the lashes…but I’ll think about it if I create new lashes.
    FYI,I’ve created the lashes not used glasses texture space.
    This is not accessory but skin details,and mapped on rings texture area.

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I’ve posted the trouble-shooting in the following text :
    “PLEASE READ BEFORE SENDING A COMMENT! (Click it,contents will open)”
    and here’s Installation Guide :

    • Victoria Yu says:

      Then could you make a version of that experimental version to be selected in ring section if you have time please? I would love to use it mapped on rings texture area as long as it doesn’t conflict with glasses.(That’s a great creation.) But then I realize I need to use rings in other outfits so it might not be possible to use it as a skin detail… I know if it is selected as a ring, then it would only exist in that outfit. I don’t want to bother you so much (since I always ask you questions haha ) so I’ve just tried to change the skin detail location into rings by using Sims 4 Studio. Then the software crashed 🙁 Oops

      • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

        Did Sims 4 Studio crash? I’ll try it,too. …but I’m a little bit busy now. Sorry,I’ll get back to you next week.

        • Victoria Yu says:

          Thanks <3

        • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

          Hi Victoria,
          Sorry for my late reply.
          I’ve changed the skin detail location into rings by using Sims 4 Studio.
          Sims 4 Studio was working fine with my PC 🙂
          I’d like to give you this file,so may I send it by an e-mail?
          If you are OK,please let me know at this comment form.

    • Victoria Yu says:

      Thanks a lot! 😀 My email is kittyyu10237@gmail.com

    • Victoria Yu says:

      I saw that! Thanks a lot <3 (Big kisses on face)

  3. Amy says:

    Hello I’ve downloaded your version 2 eyelashes they show up in my glasses but won’t actually show on my sim while in c.a.s

  4. yakan says:

    thank you very much, they are so awesome.

  5. Remi says:

    The eyelashes show up in CAS but not in the game, they don’t look like they did before the update.

  6. Logan says:

    I’ve downloaded these eyelashes multiple times. Every single time I’ve downloaded them, they are in the custom content list at the beginning of the game except they never actually show up in CAS. Do you have any idea how to fix this? I’ve never had this issue so I have no idea how I could fix this

    • Victoria Yu says:

      Do you update your game to the newest patch? If not, the cc made after your game version would not show up properly. 🙂 These lashes require at least PC or Mac

  7. Bryn says:

    so when i download the package it only comes up as a .zip and not a .package

    • iasmin says:

      quando aparecer .zip você aperta com o botão direito do mouse em cima do arquivo e vai onde diz “extrair para…” ai vai aparecer uma pasta com o mesmo nome do arquivo e quando você abrir a pasta vai ter o arquivo em .package

    • Victoria Yu says:

      You need to unzip the file first and then put only the packages into the mod file or any sub file in the mod file 🙂

  8. Bunny says:

    Where is the ponytail from??

  9. Chron says:

    I simply love your lashes! It’s fantastically beautiful!!! Great work.

  10. Charlize says:

    The eyelashes work in CAS but when I actually play they look weird. I use a laptop and it’s version 10.11.5. Is there any way that I can get them to work for me?

  11. gabbi says:

    i used to be able to access these on the sims 4, with no problem. But my game just updated and now im unable to even see them in the game, i miss the eye lashes ):

  12. Miyah says:

    When I use the eyelashes with cc hair it messes up. I don’t know how to use the workshop and I really want to use the lashes. Can you maybe fix it?

    • Avatar photo Kijiko says:

      Probably,you can fix it by giving a vertex color to the CC hair.

      The vertex colors of hair are the following values :

      Using CAS Tools by CmarNYC (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=582348)
      Value : 02080000

      Using Blender with Sims 4 Studio (http://sims4studio.com/)
      Value : 007F08 (this is hex number)

      These values are the standard values of hair meshes.

      If you can’t use CAS Tools or Sims 4 Studio,please ask the creator of the hair you’re using.

  13. kristie says:

    when i download the eyelashes the dont come up. how do i fix this??

  14. jj style says:

    i had version 1 before and it worked fine. game recently updated and so i deleted the other lash files to download version 2, but they don’t show up in the game? is it because of the game update?